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Bulk/ Freezer Beef

This page will walk you through how to start and also answer any questions you may have!

How It Works

Place Deposit

Use the link below to place your non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on the list. The deposit will be put towards your total.

Pick Your Date

We will reach out to you with the next available dates to choose from. Rescheduling is an option if something comes up.

Choose Your Cuts

We will email you a "cut sheet" (sample pictured below) to fill out. This is when you decide which cuts you would like.

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Other frequently asked questions/info to know:

When will my beef be ready?
The beef will be ready for pick up/delivery 10-14 days after the processing date. You will be informed at least 7 days prior to it being ready for pickup.

How much beef will I get?

Each quarter of beef will yield around 100-115 lbs of meat, depending on how big the animal is and how you have it cut.

How much will it cost?

The price is $4.25 per pound hanging weight. This includes processing, so there are no other fees unless specified on the cut sheet. Right now the animals average 830 lbs hanging weight, which would have a total of $$882 per quarter.

What is a hanging weight?

Hanging weight is a weight the butcher gives us after the animal has been killed, blood drained, head, hide, feet, entrails & organs removed. 

Pick up info from Heritage Country Meats:

Meat not picked up from Heritage Country Meats within 5 business days will be charged $15/day storage fees. Pickup is by appointment only. If you will be picking it up, they will send you a link to schedule an appointment to pick it up.

What are the animals fed?

The animals are fed whole milk as calves (we have a few dairy cows that are milked to feed the calves). They are then fed a ration of corn, free choice salt/ mineral and protein pellets. The pellets also contain vitamins and protein to keep them healthy and growing. They are out in the pasture most of the day with access to a shed to get out of the weather.

Are they given antibiotics?

Did you know it is illegal to sell meat with antibiotics in it? Rest assured, your meat is antibiotic-free! Other options are used before antibiotics such as probiotics, vitamins and electrolytes. Our animals are only given antibiotics as a last resort when sick.